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The Rewards of being a private companion/escort.

When I started working as a private companion/female escort less than a year ago, I had so many misconceptions about the “world of escorting”. Most of what I thought or should I say thought I knew to be true is what society has coined to be true of the world and I like so many people everywhere believed to be true. Believed it to be the gospel so to speak.

The images that society paints and the moral standards that are implied is that it’s wrong, indecent, humiliating to women, degrading…. only the lowest of women would sell themselves etc….etc…..etc….. Not to mention the “classification” or should I say DE-classification of women socially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by

society of the ladies that escort.

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To audition or not to audition aka test drive aka screw the boss

This business has all kind of stories and views.  Some are positive however most are negative. Personally I think it has more to do with the people than the business. The agency I work for has a very positive, supportive, structured environment and I’ve never felt safer and more respected. It’s funny when I tell other women that they automatically assume it’s a women run agency and it’s not, it run by a man.

Let’s get something straight, women run agencies can be just as sleazy, negative and unsafe as any other. If you’re going to do this, whatever you do, don’t buy into the myth of sisterhood in this business. Men are simple, predictable, direct and honest about what they want. Women, we back stab while calling you “girlfriend” and giving you a hug. Just ask any one who’s spent four years living in a sorority house.

If you’re going to work with an agency man run or woman run one of the issues that will come up is should I “audition” or not “audition” ?

What’s an audition ?

It’s a test drive more commonly known as screwing the boss to show her or him what you can do. Read the rest of this entry »

So you want to be an Escort

So you want to be an Escort

I didn’t write this, it’s from Escort Hub

Every girl has different circumstances for wanting to come into escorting, yes we all love sex, however most of the time being honest we need the money and we marry to things that work together well. However when becoming an Escort you have to look around you and see who could be hurt by your activities. Yes it is 2004 but some people do manage to live in the dark ages and don’t condone escorting, as when you become an escort you are a wanton person, a relationship/marriage wrecker etc. etc.

First of all are you in a relationship, if you are you have to consider your partner and believe me your relationship will be seriously put to the test from all angles and really you have to consider his feelings on this. (I would suggest complete honesty on this one; however, at the end of the day it is your decision as to the implications on that one). Read the rest of this entry »